AxonsThe precise elaboration and specification of neuronal circuits is at the basis of any properly functioning nervous system. For circuits to be established, neurons form remarkably accurate connections with their target cells during development. How are these connections established? Neurons send out cell protrusions called axons, which navigate in a complex environment to reach their exact target, a process known as axon guidance. Understanding the key molecules that induce the formation of such precise circuits is crucial, because any failure in this process, either during development or following injury or disease, impairs the proper function of the nervous system.



Research directions

We investigate the cellular and molecular mechanisms that enable axons to grow and to accurately find their targets during development. We are particularly interested in understanding the mechanisms of actions and of localization of non-coding RNAs in this process.

Group members

  • Marie-Laure Baudet, PI
  • Giorgia Susin, PhD student
  • Angelica Palmieri, Research Assistant (Predoc)
  • Roberta Sartori, Master’s student
  • Leonardo Todeschini, Master’s student
  • Vanessa Dassi, Undergraduate student 
  • Samantha Juretig, Undergraduate student

Post-doctoral and PhD positions are currently available. Please contact marielaure.baudet [at] unitn.it

Ongoing collaborations

  • Vladimir Benes, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 
  • Tobias Jakobi, University of Arizona, USA 
  • Cei Abreu-Goodger, The University of Edinburgh, UK 
  • Toma Tebaldi, Department CIBIO, University of Trento, Italy


  • Giovanni Armenise-Harvard Mid-Career Award, 2020-2026
  • Progetti di Relevante Interesse Nazionale (PRIN), 2017-2023
  • Scientific Independence for young Researchers (SIR), 2015-2019
  • Marie Curie Action FP7 Career Integration Grant, 2014-2018
  • Giovanni Armenise-Harvard 2012 Career Development Award, 2012-2017

Selected publications

Research articles

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