Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are heterogeneous lipid-composed particles massively secreted from the cells. EVs are constituted by different kind of lipids, RNA, proteins, and metabolites cargoes that can be exchanged by neighbouring or distant cells through body fluids. Circulating EVs can be exploited in liquid biopsies or manipulated to design new vehicles for horizontal transfer of biological material. 

Research directions

We study EVs with three major goals:

  • Exploit them to develop novel precision medicine tools
    We sought to apply high-throughput procedures to isolate EVs from cell culture media or biological fluids (blood, urine, CSF, saliva) and develop quantitative approaches to probe markers mirroring the cell heterogeneity that characterizes complex disorders;

  • Apply quantitative technologies to understand the functional effect of the horizontal material transfer to recipient cells
    Mostly focused at RNA and protein levels and on the discovery of modulators of their sorting into EVs;

  • Build novel vehicles
    EVs expose specific transmembrane proteins that can be exploited to potentially direct their biodistribution. Several tools can be explored for generating EV sub-populations characterized by a defined biodistribution and/or anti-cancer effects.

Group members

  • Vito Giuseppe D’Agostino, PI
  • Michela Notarangelo, Postdoc
  • Elena Gurrieri, PhD Student
  • Fabrizio Fabbiano, PhD Student
  • Jessica Corsi, PhD Student
  • LM and LT Students


  • Elena Elez, VHIO, Spain
  • Stefan Lehr, DDZ, Germany
  • Tero Aittokallio, FIMM, Finland
  • Robin Ristl, MUW, Austria

Selected publications

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