Didattica II semestre 2020/21

Informazioni sull'organizzazione dell'attività didattica del secondo semestre 2020-21

The Department of Celluar, Computational and Integrative Biology - CIBIO, following the general indications of the University (Covid-19 | Phase II), will adopt the following guidelines to plan his teaching activities.

Regarding the following laboratory activities students will have the possibility to participate in blended or in telematic mode:

• laboratories of the 1st year of the Bachelor degree course in Biomolecular Sciences and Technologies;

• laboratories of the 1st year of the Master degree course in Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology;

   • laboratories of the 1st year of the Single-Cycle degree course in Medicine and Surgery;

Any other potential laboratory course for the other years will be communicated directly to students by the Education and Student Service or by teachers on the Moodle platform, 

The Department will use the Didactic Laboratories of the Scientific Center in Povo 0.

In compliance with the reduced capacity of the classrooms, the lessons will be held:

• in blended mode: teaching activities are mainly held in classroom, students can attend in person. Distance learning will be always guaranteed to the students that can’t attend the lessons in presence

• In Telematic Mode (Distance learning): students are not present in the classroom, remote access will be ensured either SYNCHRONOUSLY or ASYNCHRONOUSLY with respect to the lesson timetable.

Lesson’s timetable will be published at the beginning of the semester.


No activities will have mandatory presence: students that cannot or will not come to Trento will be allowed to attend all the courses remotely.



Attendance rules

Students enrolled in attendance of face-to-face lessons, presenting symptoms of fever, cough, cold, loss of taste or smell or other symptoms associated with COVID-19 infection are required not to access the Povo buildings and to attend the lessons by distance learning.
Students suffering from chronic diseases or, in any case, from diseases that can increase the risk of damage deriving from COVID-19 infections are required to contact their doctor before requesting attendance of lessons in presence. Any regulation and / or general provision on security and combating COVID-19 issued by the University of Trento and / or the Department is an integral part of these instructions. Since students can freely choose to attend the lessons by distance learning, the Department declines all responsibility for any COVID-19 infections resulting from failure to comply with the safety rules.