Modern research in Life Sciences is becoming increasingly dependent on expensive and complex technology, which is no longer affordable by individual laboratories as it implies high costs for purchasing, running, maintaining the equipment and time-consuming trainings to become expert in its use.

Resource centralization in shared laboratories plays a crucial role in providing an effective technological support to the University of Trento community as well as to investigators outside of the university.

CIBIO provides a range of Core facilities, which are independent technology-based laboratories where dedicated and qualified personnel run and maintain sophisticated instruments, allowing the access to internal researchers and to external customers. The CIBIO Core Facility managers and technicians assist researchers in the design, set up, and, if required, execution of the experiments.

In order to assure a long-term sustainability of this valuable scientific infrastructure, users of CIBIO’s Core facilities are asked to contribute to the expenditure of the service and are charged accordingly. Cost matrixes and financial plans have been established in order to calculate the fees applied to each service.

Some of the instruments/services can be booked electronically, others typically need a custom request: please contact the appropriate core staff to access a facility.

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