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The Department offers different International Mobility Programs at Partner Institutions for study, research  and traineeship abroad.
Every year the International Mobility Office organizes a meeting to present the  exchange opportunities available for the students of the Department CIBIO.

Erasmus for study

The Erasmus+ Programme allows students to spend a study period in a Partner University of the European Union, the UK, the Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey. .
Further information: Erasmus Programme - Partner Institutions, duration, scholarship, how to apply

Upon return, the didactic activities passed abroad will be recognized in the study plan of the student according to the learning agreement approved and signed before the departure. The student is requested to submit the recognition request form signed by the Department’s Eramus coordinator. 

Traineeship abroad

The Traineeship abroad Programme of the University of Trento offers the opportunity to carry out an internship in organizations around the world in:

  • European Countries: funded by the Erasmus+ Programme and through the Call Traineeship in Erasmus+ Countries
  • Extra Eu Countries:  funded by the University of Trento and through the Call Traineeship in Non European Countries

There two types of internship:

  • curricolare: included in your study plan and mandatory for graduation (no internship registered as  extra credits will be allowed) 
  • post-graduation: to be performed within 12 months after the graduation date . The application has to be submitted before the thesis defense (“Prova finale” ).

Internship credits recognition

Once the internship has ended, students are requested to submit the traineeship certificate duly signed by the hosting institution at the International mobility Office in order to register the internship credits in their study plan. This procedure does not apply to  post-graduation internships.

Bilateral Agreements

Bilateral Agreements allow students to attend courses at Extra EU Universities, who are Partners of the University of Trento according to specific Agreements. 

The mobility abroad lasts one semester, requirements and destinations are published once a year on the UniTrento website. 

Further information : Bilateral Agreements Programme - Partner Universities, duration, scholarship, how to apply

Thesis research abroad

Through the Thesis research abroad Programme students have the opportunity to undertake part of their Thesis research abroad at Host Universities/Research Centre/Companies worldwide.
For information on eligibility criteria and requirements see : Thesis Research Abroad Programme - Duration, scholarship, how to apply


Delegate for International programmes : prof. Vito Giuseppe D'Agostino

International Mobility Office - Science and Technology area: mobility-st [at]
Online helpdesk on Tuesday  from 11:00 to 12:00 am , on Wednesday from 10:00 t0 11:00 am only upon advanced booking.