Our research focuses on understanding how genetic diversity and genomic aberrations contribute to tumor evolution and progression. The final goal is to advance the field of Precision Oncology by identifying biomarkers to predict progression, to select pharmacological treatment and to monitor cancer patients’ treatment response, through the integration of tissue and liquid biopsy-based studies. The laboratory integrates large-scale experimental and computational work with main focus on GU cancers and is involved in international collaborative studies on prostate cancer.
Laboratory website demichelislab.eu The SPICE project

Research Projects

  • To short list synthetic lethal combinations via pan-cancer ad hoc computational analyses of thousands of human sequenced tumors, followed by in vitro validation and characterization of relevant hits (funded by ERC, MIUR, FTRT);

  • To identify the molecular features involved in the trans-differentiation of prostate cancer adenocarcinoma to AR indifferent phenotype, including to neuroendocrine phenotype (funded by NIH, PCF);

  • To study the effect of inherited variants within transcriptionally active regions and chromatin regulators on molecularly defined prostate cancer sub-classes (funded by AIRC);

  • To study the effect of somatic alterations and inherited variants in DNA repair genes on prostate cancer aggressiveness (funded by MIUR, FTRT);

  • To develop multi-analyte liquid biopsies tools spanning cell-free DNA genomics and methylation, and circulating extra-cellular vesicles for translational and clinical research in prostate and breast cancers (funded by NIH, PCF, CRUK-AIRC-Accelerator Award, Fondazione Caritro).

Group members

  • Francesca Demichelis, PI
  • Riccardo Bevilacqua, PhD student (exp.)
  • Thomas Cantore, PhD student (comp.)
  • Yari Ciani, post-doc (comp.)
  • Giacomo D’Amato, research fellow (comp.)
  • Giulia Fracassi, PhD student (exp.)
  • Gian Marco Franceschini, PhD student (comp.)
  • Paola Gasperini, post-doc (exp.)
  • Francesca Lorenzin, post-doc (exp.)
  • Angela Martinelli, research fellow (exp.)
  • Vera Mugoni, post-doc (exp.)
  • Caterina Nardella, program manager
  • Francesco Orlando, PhD student (comp.)
  • Marta Paoli, PhD student (comp.)
  • Orsetta Quaini, research fellow (exp.)
  • Simone Tomasini, research fellow (exp.)
  • Federico Vannuccini, PhD student (comp.)
  • Alessia Villani, research fellow (exp.)

Open positions are available, please contact: f.demichelis [at] unitn.it


  • Gert Attard, UCL, London
  • Himisha Beltran, DFCI, Boston
  • Matteo Benelli, Prato, Italy
  • Dolores Di Vizio, Cedars-Sinai, Los Angeles
  • ​Olivier Elemento, Weill Cornell Medicine, New York
  • Bishoy Faltas, Weill Cornell Medicine, New York
  • Helmut Klocker, University Hospital Innsbruck, Innsbruck
  • Mark A Rubin, University of Bern, Bern


Bando: PRIN 2022 (D.D. 104/22)
LIFT: LIquid biopsy and Functional imaging for hormone sensitive prosTate cancer patients
Francesca Demichelis, coordinatrice
Codice Protocollo: 2022Y9NP8K    CUP: E53D23013200006

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