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Our research focuses on understanding how genetic diversity and genomic aberrations contribute to tumor evolution and progression. 
The laboratory integrates large-scale computational and experimental work to dissect tumors heterogeneity with main focus on prostate and bladder cancer.
The ultimate goal of our work is to contribute to the field of Precision Oncology by identifying biomarkers to predict progression, to select pharmacological treatment and to monitor cancer patients’ treatment response.
Laboratory website demichelislab.eu

Research Projects

  • To nomination potential synthetic lethal combinations via pan-cancer computational analysis of thousands of sequenced tumors and in vitro validate and characterize relevant hits (funded by ERC-Consolidator, MIUR, FTRT);
  • To identify the molecular features involved in the trans-differentiation of prostate cancer adenocarcinoma to AR indifferent phenotype (funded by NIH, PCF);
  • To study the effect of inherited variants within transcriptionally active regions and chromatin regulators on molecularly defined prostate cancer sub-classes (funded by AIRC);
  • To design, optimize and use liquid biopsies tools for translational and clinical research (funded by NIH, PCF, CRUK-AIRC-Accelerator Award, Fondazione Caritro).

Group members

  • Nicola Casiraghi, post-doc
  • Yari Ciani, post-doc
  • Francesca Demichelis, PI
  • Tarcisio Fedrizzi, research fellow
  • Giulia Fracassi, PhD student
  • Gian Marco Franceschini, PhD student
  • Paola Gasperini, post-doc
  • Francesca Lorenzin, post-doc
  • Francesco Orlando, PhD student
  • Davide Prandi, post-doc
  • Blerta Stringa, PhD student
  • Orsetta Quaini, research fellow
  • Alessio Locallo, Master student
  • Davide Dalfovo, Master student (with A. Romanel)

Open positions are available, please contact: f.demichelis [at] unitn.itchelor degree


  • Bishoy Faltas, Weill Cornell Medicine, New York
  • Dolores Di Vizio, Cedars-Sinai, Los Angeles
  • Gert Attard, UCL, London
  • Helmut Klocker, University Hospital Innsbruck, Innsbruck
  • Himisha Beltran, DFCI, Boston
  • Mark A Rubin, University of Bern, Bern
  • ​Olivier Elemento, Weill Cornell Medicine, New York

Selected publications (2011-2017)

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