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RNA impacts nearly every aspect of gene expression and it is now clear that the majority of human genetic diseases are caused by mistakes in RNA metabolism. It has become progressively evident that RNA is not just a carrier of genetic information, but also a catalyst and a guide for sequence-specific recognition and processing of other RNA molecules. Progress in our understanding of RNA biology has made it possible to identify RNA molecules as targets of therapeutic intervention and to use RNA as a tool for functional studies and as a novel therapeutic molecule to treat human disease.Since a few years, RNA-based techniques (RNA interference, antisense RNA etc.) are becoming more and more useful in therapy and applied research.
Professor Denti described book coverher research on RNA Therapies for neurodegenerative disease in an interview by Osservatorio Terapie Avanzate (in italian).
A recent interview with Prof. Michela A. Denti on advantages and pitfalls of RNA-based therapeutics can be found here(in italian).
Professor Denti spoke about RNA Therapies in a video interviewon RAI 3 (in italian).
Details of the recent participation of the laboratory in the miRNADisEasy consortium, studying microRNAs as lung cancer biomarkers, can be found here(in six languages)
A description of the laboratory ongoing research, its significance and potential applications can be found here.
Simone Detassis talks about "Pitfalls and problems of miRNA expression analysis" in a webinar for the Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society on February 12, 2019The importance of RNA
The laboratory participates in COST Action 17103 "Delivery of Antisense RNA Therapeutics"
MiRNAQCD: MiRNA Quality Control and Diagnosis
A downloadable R-package to carry out quality control, training and classification analyses on datasets containing MiRNA multiplets.



Research directions

  • microRNAs (miRNAs). These are ca. 21 nt regulatory RNAs that control development and differentiation acting as post-transcriptional negative regulators of the expression of key target genes. Recent studies have demonstrated that there is altered expression of miRNA genes in several human malignancies and that miRNAs may act as oncogenes or tumour suppressors. MiRNAs are now also exploited as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers. We carry out a functional analysis of the miRNAs specifically over- or under-expressed in lung cancers, melanoma, epithelial ovarian cancers and neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. Frontotemporal dementia) search for their target genes and investigate their role in pathogenesis; microRNAs in biofluids can be measured and used as biomarkers
  • Antisense RNA-induced exon skipping in gene therapy. The importance of alternative splicing for the diversity of the proteome and the large number of genetic diseases that are due to splicing defects call for methods to modulate alternative splicing decisions. Although splicing can be modulated by antisense oligonucleotides, this approach is confronted with problems of efficient delivery and the need for repeated administrations of large amounts of oligonucleotides. Therefore, we developed a method to induce the efficient and specific skipping of an exon with the help of the U1 small nuclear RNA involved in pre-messenger RNA splicing in the nucleus. Antisense U1 snRNA-induced exon skipping has been successfully employed to devise a therapeutic strategy for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. We are now exploring the possibility to apply antisense U1 snRNA-induced exon skipping to other genetic disorders, such as Frontotemporal dementia, retinal dystrophies and metabolic diseases. Splicing-modifying nucleic acid molecules are promising therapies

Group members

  • Michela A. Denti, PI
  • Ilaria Brentari, PhD candidate
  • Rafael Filipe Battisti Cavichion, PhD candidate
  • Elisabetta Callegaro, MSc student


  • European Commission, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions - Research and Innovation Staff Exchange – diaRNAgnosis: A novel platform for the direct profiling of circulating cell-free ribonucleic acids in biofluids.
  • Bando: PRIN 2022 (D.D. 104/22)
    LuCamiR: Development of a microRNA-based test for the screening of lung cancer
    Michela Alessandra Denti, Coordinatrice
    Codice Protocollo: 20225AZ22F     CUP: E53D23012160006
  • Bando: MUR_PNRR_M4C2_Inv 1.3_PE_BaC_MNESYS_Spoke 1 UNIPR
    CHARTER: Chemistry and High-frequency oscillatory motion for the formulation in non-viral particles of Antisense RNA Therapeutics for neurodevelopmental disorders
    Michela Alessandra Denti, Responsabile scientifica
    Codice Progetto: PE00000006    CUP: D93C22000930002
  • Bando: PRIN 2022 PNRR (D.D. 1409/22)
    MONAD: Combining tailored in silico, in vitro and in vivo models to unveil new NKTR functions associated with rare neurodevelopmental disorders
    Michela Alessandra Denti, Responsabile di Unità di Ricerca
    Codice Protocollo: P20229PKZC     CUP: E53D23015190001

Selected publications


Covello G, Siva K, Adami V, Denti MA 2023 HCS-Splice: a High-Content Screening Method to Advance the Discovery of RNA Splicing-Modulating TherapeuticsCells. 2023 Jul 28;12(15):1959. doi: 10.3390/cells12151959. 

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Book chapters

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