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The Department CIBIO Mass Spectrometry (MS) core facility – fully operative in January 2016 – will give researchers access to state-of-the-art instrumentation for protein characterization. By using MS-based methods, that might have to be developed on a case-by-case basis, protein identification and quantification as well as analysis of protein structure and posttranslational modifications can be performed. Analysis of primary and secondary metabolites will also be possible. The platform includes dedicated space and equipment for sample preparation, MS analysis and data analysis. Our main goal is to offer advanced technologies to support researchers, and thus produce high-quality data in close collaboration with scientists.

Mass spectrometry

  • Ultraflex III (Bruker): a time-of-flight system equipped with a MALDI ion source mainly used for identification of protein, primary and secondary metabolites (simple mixture only).
  • Fusion (Thermo Fisher): the high-performing tribrid system, equipped with ESI and nano-ESI ion sources. It is mainly used for protein, primary and secondary metabolites characterization by LC-MS/MS. It can be used for complex samples. Several options are available for MS/MS fragmentations (collision-induced dissociation -CID, high-energy collisional dissociation –HCD and electron-transfer dissociation -ETD) and mass analysers (quadrupole, linear ion trap and Orbitrap®).

Liquid chromatography

  • UltiMate 3000 RSLC System (Thermo Scientific Dionex): an analytical HPLC system used for primary and secondary metabolite separation. It is interfaced directly with the ESI-MS/MS system and equipped with Diode Array and Multi-Wavelength Detector (DAD).
  • Easy-nLC 1000 (Thermo Scientific): a binary ultra-high pressure LC system used for peptide separation. It is interfaced directly with the ESI-MS/MS system.

Protein separation and Imaging

  • Ettan IPGphor 3 (GE Healthcare)
  • Gel equipment
  • Typhoon TRIO (GE Healthcare)
  • Image Eraser (Amersham Bioscience)