The Department CIBIO Cell Analysis and Separation Core Facility provides state-of-the-art instruments, training, and expertise for cell analysis and sorting.

The Facility is equipped with a FACS Aria™ II cell sorter and a FACS Canto™ A analyser as well as an innovative sorting platform to identify, isolate, and collect rare cells (DEP-Array System). Other instruments available in the Facility are: Tali® Image Cytometer and Gentle MACS Dissociator.

The Facility offers training on and access to the FACS Canto™ A for analytical flow cytometry; provides cell sorting services by fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) and/or by DEP-Array system; as well as technical consultation and support on experimental design, execution, and data analysis.

Available Flow Cytometry Applications:

  • Multicolour analysis of cell surface and intracellular antigens;
  • Cell viability analysis;
  • Cell proliferation analysis;
  • Cell cycle analysis;
  • Apoptosis;
  • Bacteria analysis;
  • Cell sorting, including single cell sort.

Additional flow cytometry methods can be implemented upon request.

Dielectrophoretic Cell Sorting Applications:

  • Isolation of rare cells (circulating tumor cells, foetal cells, stem cells, e.g.);
  • Cell sorting of small cell loads;
  • Cell interaction studies;
  • Single cell immune-phenotyping;
  • Drug response studies.