The Joint Committee Teachers-Students (CPDS) is the organism primarly responsible for the evaluation of the quality of the Study Programs (CdS) and of the services provided to the students.
The Committee prepares an annual report that examines each study course in detail, considering the student's satisfaction with various elements of the training activities:

  • The activities of teaching staff
  • ​The students' careers
  • The quality of facilities and laboratories
  • The quality of services
  • The organization of the facilities and spaces devoted to studying activities

The Joint Committee comprises the President, two faculty members elected by the Department Board, and three students.



  • Luca Tiberi
  • Marco Canossa
  • Lucia Poggi
  • rapp.stud.cibio [at] (Giorgio Marchesini (student))
  • rapp.stud.cibio [at] (Rayan Slatni (student))
  • rapp.stud.cibio [at] (Doina Sirbu (student))