application/pdfcalendario sedute CdD e Giunta 2022_2023(PDF | 47 KB)
application/pdfcalendario sedute CdD e Giunta 2023_2024(PDF | 46 KB)

The Department's Board is in charge of all duties foreseen in the current legal norms ruling the university functioning. 
It includes full and associate professors, researchers, 8 representatives of students, 1 representative of researchers (tipo A), 2 representatives of Doctoral students, 2 representatives of post-doctoral researchers and 2 representatives of technical-administrative staff. 


Full Professors

Associate Professors


Representative of researchers (tipo A)

Representative of post-doctoral students

Representative of doctoral students

Representative of technical-administrative staff

Representatives of students

  • rapp.stud.cibio [at] (Alice Bassetto)
  • rapp.stud.cibio [at] (Filippo Gastaldello)
  • rapp.stud.cibio [at] (Gloria Lugoboni)
  • rapp.stud.cibio [at] (Andrea Martellone)
  • rapp.stud.cibio [at] (Luca Mennella)
  • rapp.stud.cibio [at] (Anna Piccoli)
  • rapp.stud.cibio [at] (Lorenzo Piizzi)
  • rapp.stud.cibio [at] (Sara Sardella)
  • rapp.stud.cibio [at] (Sbardellati Vanii) 
  • rapp.stud.cibio [at] (Doina Sirbu)