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Welcome to the Department CIBIO Bioinformatics Core Facility. We provide services and expertise to assist researchers all around the world for their computational analysis needs. We assist users in choosing the right technology as well as to identify appropriate tools for later data analysis to solve their biological questions. If requested we also provide complete data analyses and we are interested to collaborate in large and complex projects.

Offered services:

  • Consultation on experimental designs, budgeting, sample handling and sequencing.
  • Consultation on grant proposal development, bioinformatics and statistical data analysis.
  • Genomics: variant detection; exome and genome re-sequencing; de novo genome assembly; quality assessment of assemblies.
  • Transcriptomics: analysis of RNA-seq, ChIP-Seq, microarrays; de novo transcriptome assembly; small RNA expression analysis; functional analysis of differentially expressed genes and pathway enrichment analysis.
  • Genome/transcriptome functional annotation: annotation of genes, transcripts, DNA motifs, promoters, and other regulatory elements.
  • Metagenomics: identification of microbial from metagenomic shotgun sequencing data.
  • Protein functional annotation.
  • Custom analyses.

Please feel free to contact us for a free quotation at bioinfo.cibio [at]

Facility Policies

Co-authorship is commonly expected when Facility personnel have made meaningful contributions to the research project in the form of consultation, experimental design, method development or data analysis and interpretation. In such cases, the Facility personnel should have the chance to review and edit the manuscript before submission.

Please inform us when publications are accepted and forward us a copy for our records. We may also post citation information on our website. This information is fundamental to the continued support of the facility.

More information is coming soon.